GBSport | Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

More websites are now accessed from mobile phones and tablets than from desktop computers so it is important that your club or coaching business website is ‘responsive’, i.e. it recognises that it is being viewed on a phone/tablet and automatically adjusts its layout accordingly to make it easy to navigate/view.

Accessing a website that isn’t responsive can be very difficult on a smart phone/tablet and many people will just give up if your website can’t cater for smart devices.    If your website isn’t responsive, the good news is that there are many platforms available that are automatically responsive and will also provide you with a future proof site that is easy to setup and maintain.

Our first recommendation is that you should find out if your governing body provides any free software tools to enable clubs/coaches to set up a website – these tools will almost certainly be responsive and have good support available.

If you decide that you want to create your own website, the most popular ‘do it yourself’ platform available is called WordPress, a simple to use system for which there is a wealth of free advice and support available on the internet.   Once you have created an account, you simply choose a responsive ‘theme’ from the many thousands available and set it up with your menus/pages, etc. using the WordPress dashboard.

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