GBSport | Does a Coach have to do a Risk Assessment before Coaching?
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Does a Coach have to do a Risk Assessment before Coaching?

It is best practice for a coach to confirm in writing that they have carried out a risk assessment before they start a coaching session.    It is also likely to be a requirement in terms of insurance to prove that ‘reasonable care’ was taken.

If the coach works/volunteers for an organisation, it is the responsibility of the organisation to document what the risk assessment should include and then send this in writing to the coach to action.     The coach will not need to tick each item on the list – it will be sufficient to have a checkbox on the register that the coach ticks to confirm the checks were completed.

If the coach works for themselves (i.e. self-employed), they should put the checklist together themselves and ensure it is completed.    It is recommended that the checklist is available in the register as required so that it can be referred to when necessary.


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