GBSport | Do I Need Insurance If I Volunteer At My Club?
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Do I Need Insurance If I Volunteer At My Club?

questioniconSomeone who decides to volunteer at their sports club should NOT have to take out insurance in case they have an accident or cause an accident to a third party whilst volunteering.

We have seen a number of insurance brokers promoting such cover and there is no real evidence that we or Volunteering representative groups have seen that suggests this cover is needed.

This is because a volunteer will usually be insured for such risks by the organisation they are volunteering for, usually through the organisation’s affiliation to their national governing body.     Organisations should provide their volunteer with confirmation of the cover, together with details of what to do if there is an incident, as part of their Volunteering Handbook.

A volunteer should also be made aware that, as long as they act reasonably, they are very unlikely to run the risk of litigation issues.   Such cases are exceptionally rare and usually result when the volunteer does not act in a reasonable way.

The organisation should of course ensure that their volunteer is operating in a safe environment, details of which can be obtained from the relevant national governing body.


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