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Web Design

Latest, Web Design, Wordpress / 02.02.2017

A number of National Governing Bodies (NGB) now offer software to their affiliated clubs and coaches that enables them to create and maintain their own website.  An example of this is the ClubSpark system provided to affiliated tennis venues and coaches by the Lawn Tennis Association. If your club/business is using one of these services, the site address will usually have the name of the system included which may result in the website address not being particularly memorable.   For example, Shifnal Tennis Club's web address on the ClubSpark system is - not exactly easy to remember! That's where a service called WEB FORWARDING comes in - you can create/use a memorable domain name of your choice and redirect any visitor using it to your NGB website address.   
Club, Coach, Latest, Web Design / 20.01.2015

We were recently asked to review a new website for a club which had been designed by one of the club's members.    They were very pleased with the design and the content and wanted us to review it from an IT perspective. Our first impressions were also very positive.  Written in Wordpress, the site ticked all the boxes for content - lots of pictures of club members, great examples of the benefits the club offers (get fit, have fun, meet like-minded people), simple navigation, integration with social media, BUT...   the site was not 'responsive'.