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Latest, Marketing / 09.02.2017

thumbsupiconIt is really important to survey your members regularly to find out what the club is doing well and not so well. However, finding an easy way to do so that doesn't cost money can be difficult.     A popular online tool used by many clubs is SurveyMonkey but the free account available on this platform is limited to 100 responses, not ideal for many clubs. We recommend a free online tool called SurveyHero , which allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys with unlimited responses, free of charge!     Surveys created with SurveyHero can then be embedded in your website or emailed out to members for completion.
Club, Coach, Latest, Marketing / 16.01.2017

thumbsupiconWe work with numerous clubs and coaches to help them develop an effective marketing plan and there are some basics that everyone should have in place to enable them to effectively monitor whether what they are doing works. The most important of these is calculating and monitoring your retention rate, a key measure of how good are you are keeping your members/customers.
Club, Latest, Marketing / 27.11.2016

questioniconWe are often asked by clubs and sports agencies as to what is the best way for them to get their members/partners more involved with the organisation and how best to keep them informed as to upcoming events. A Facebook group page provides the perfect (FREE) platform to achieve this and is a great way to enhance a 'sense of belonging'.     A group page can also be restricted to invitation only and can even be made secret, particularly useful if considering a group for juniors.