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Bookkeeping, Club, Coach, Latest, Self-Employment / 11.02.2015

thumbsupiconThere are still a significant number of clubs, coaches and representative associations who believe that a coach must be employed by a club if the club tells the coach where and when they must work, and if the coach has to work as part of a team. This is not correct - a self-employed coach CAN be told where and when they will coach, work as part of a team, be required to wear a uniform, etc., so long as the coach fulfils one of the two other criteria HMRC (tax authorities) impose on a self-employment relationship - substitution or financial risk.
Club, Latest, Legal / 31.01.2015

warningiconWe get an increasing number of calls from coaches and volunteers who are concerned that they may be personally liable if their club is unable to pay its bills. A recent example of how this can go wrong happened at Ynysybwl Rugby Club, where the club has been ordered to pay compensation of over £85,000 for constructive dismissal of its stewards. The club did not have the funds to pay the compensation and the stewards subsequently took a legal charge over the treasurer’s house.
Club, Coach, Latest, Web Design / 20.01.2015

We were recently asked to review a new website for a club which had been designed by one of the club's members.    They were very pleased with the design and the content and wanted us to review it from an IT perspective. Our first impressions were also very positive.  Written in Wordpress, the site ticked all the boxes for content - lots of pictures of club members, great examples of the benefits the club offers (get fit, have fun, meet like-minded people), simple navigation, integration with social media, BUT...   the site was not 'responsive'.