adviceiconWe provide expert business advice and support services to those who work and volunteer in sport, delivered by our select team of sports business experts.


Organisations and individuals can benefit from our telephone and email support service, either by purchasing an annual support contract for unlimited help, or by paying for telephone support with a member of our support team.    Contact Alison or Matt for details of availability and costs.

Just been on a GBSport workshop?   Delegates on our workshops get a month’s free telephone and email support – call us on 01952 201657 and let us know how we can help.


We will come out to your premises and review every aspect of your organisation, providing you with a checklist of the changes needed to ensure your organisation is complying with its legal requirements and recommendations on how to streamline your organisation.

This fixed fee service also comes with a year’s telephone and email support to hand hold you through any required changes and we also provide any required contracts, templates, etc. at no additional charge. Call Alison or Matt on 01952 201657 for further details or to book your visit.


We can provide your organisation with a helpline service for clubs and coaches that can be customised in terms of availability and response time. Call 01952 201657 to discuss our helpline services.


We run our own three hour workshops throughout Britain which are open to all and we also deliver tailored workshops and seminars to sporting organisations on a wide variety of subjects.

We can also provide one to one tuition to assist you in running your sporting business.

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A well written contract is worth its weight in gold, particularly if you are paying a self-employed worker, in which case it is vital for confirming that your worker is truly self-employed and not an employee.

We provide sample self-employment and casual worker contracts for just £55, a saving of over £400 on the cost of engaging a solicitor to draw one up for you. Our self-employment contract is tailored to ensure that the self-employment guidelines are detailed in the contract, thereby making confirmation of their status easy to prove (assuming you actually working with the worker as per the provisions of the contract).

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