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5 Free Tools to Make Social Media a Breeze

March 7th, 2017

tipiconSocial media services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are becoming an increasingly vital part of any club/coaching programme’s marketing strategy, both as a way of attracting new members/customers and also engaging current members.

However, there is such a wide variety of accounts that are available, it can be difficult to manage your social media strategy. In this post we detail five free tools that you can use to help the management of your social media accounts.


HootSuite is a complete social media management dashboard. The free package allows you to add up to 3 different accounts (e.g. a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or 2 Twitter accounts and Facebook), which should be ample for most users (the next package up costs from £7 a month and allows up to 50 accounts).

You can easily schedule messages, meaning if you want to tweet once an hour, you can schedule all of these at once, and then they will be posted at the specified time – meaning you don’t have to remember to login to Twitter every hour and manually post your tweet.

It is also very easy to view latest updates on your page, previous posts, mentions and pretty much everything else concerned with your social media accounts.

Due to the sheer number of functions, it’s ease of use, great interface and the fact that it is available as a mobile app, HootSuite is our number 1 social media tool!

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SocialOomph does a similar job to HootSuite, but doesn’t allow posting to Facebook on its free package, so is our number 2 spot.

If you are just using Twitter then SocialOomph is probably a better bet as it has more functions such as alerts on keywords, the ability to purge your messages and feed completely if you are wanting to start over, but keep your followers and people you follow. It also allows up to 5 Twitter accounts to be added to its free package.

The paid package starts from $14 per month and has extra functions including Facebook, Linkedin and the ability to post updates to your blog/website.

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UberSocial is a mobile-only social media management tool. It can be downloaded on both IOS and Android for free.

It has great features including post formatting, cross-posting to Facebook and you can easily preview media such as images and video without having to leave the app.

For social media management on the go, UberSocial is a great option.

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Swayy is a great way of managing your content on social media.

Helps you discover the most engaging content to share with your audience on social media based on their interests and engagement

You can connect with both Facebook and Twitter.

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Buffer is another social media management tool, which allows scheduling and management of multiple accounts.

Detailed statistics are also available – allowing you to see which posts are having the desired impact.

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