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Music in Your Club or Coaching Requires a Licence or Two

May 30th, 2015

warningiconDo you play recorded music in your clubhouse or coaching sessions using a radio, CD player, TV or MP3 player?   Can more than one person hear the music?  Then you are legally required to have at least one music licence – failure to do so could result in prosecution.

Playing recorded (or live) music where more than one person can listen to the music legally requires two music licences, one from an organisation called the Performing Rights Society (PRS, representing songwriters and publishers) and one from an organisation called Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL, representing record companies and performers).

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Self-employed coaches CAN be told where and when to coach

May 11th, 2015

thumbsupiconThere are still a significant number of clubs, coaches and representative associations who believe that a coach must be employed by a club if the club tells the coach where and when they must work, and if the coach has to work as part of a team.

This is not correct – a self-employed coach CAN be told where and when they will coach, work as part of a team, be required to wear a uniform, etc., so long as the coach fulfils one of the two other criteria HMRC (tax authorities) impose on a self-employment relationship – substitution or financial risk.

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What is an Unincorporated Association?

May 4th, 2015

questioniconAn ‘unincorporated association’ is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit, e.g. a sports club.      The term is also used to describe the organisation as not being a ‘corporate body’, i.e. the organisation is not a limited company.

The vast majority of sports club are unincorporated associations.      You don’t need to register an unincorporated association with anyone and its rules and regulations are typically detailed in a constitution.

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Tax Inspection Insurance – Is It Worth It?

April 25th, 2015

tipiconThere are two potential financial outlays for a club or coach when they are selected for a tax inspection – the possibility of having to pay backdated tax/penalties and the cost of using an accountant to represent the club/coach throughout the investigation.

The first can only be minimised by ensuring all tax affairs are in order.   The cost of the accountant can be minimised through tax inspection insurance and should not be underestimated – a recent investigation for a sports club in the north of England resulted in a bill from their accountants of over £4,000 for representing the club during the seven months the investigation lasted.      The club were offered tax inspection insurance by the accountancy firm but decided that the £165 cost they were quoted was money they could save.

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Are All Accountants Qualified?

April 22nd, 2015

questioniconIt is not illegal for someone with no accounting qualifications to call themselves an accountant so it is important to ensure that you check how qualified your accountant is before they work on your bookkeeping/accounts.

A recent survey revealed that less than 10% of organisations/individuals actually check the qualifications of their accountant, usually because they wrongly assume that you have to have qualifications to call yourself an accountant.

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How Much is Too Little?

April 20th, 2015

warningiconWe come across a lot of clubs and coaches who assume that they won’t have any problems with the tax authorities (HMRC) because the amounts of money involved are so small, and therefore HMRC just won’t be interested.

There is some truth in this – HMRC will not generally dedicate resources to investigate clubs or coaches if the amounts involved are insignificant but that does not mean they won’t take action if they find out about any issues or discrepancies.

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Paying a Retainer to a Self-Employed Coach

April 13th, 2015

thumbsupiconThe word retainer is often used in sport to describe a fixed fee paid by a club to a self-employed coach/worker for certain services, with the fee usually being paid on an annual basis.

This is not strictly speaking a retainer in the correct meaning of the word – an actual retainer is a fee paid to ‘retain’ the services of a worker, i.e. a payment to ensure that the worker is available to work for the club when required.    It would typically be paid to an experienced coach as an inducement to stay at the club.

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Do I Need Insurance If I Volunteer At My Club?

April 10th, 2015

questioniconSomeone who decides to volunteer at their sports club should NOT have to take out insurance in case they have an accident or cause an accident to a third party whilst volunteering.

We have seen a number of insurance brokers promoting such cover and there is no real evidence that we or Volunteering representative groups have seen that suggests this cover is needed.

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Does Individual Tuition mean Our Coach is Self-Employed?

April 8th, 2015

questioniconIt is common for a coach at a club to do two specific types of work – coaching for the club where the club pay the coach, and coaching for individual members where the member pays the coach directly.

A coach providing individual tuition directly to members does NOT have any impact on whether a coach is truly self-employed for the work they do for a club where the club pays the coach directly – HMRC (tax authorities) would treat the two types of work as being completely separate.

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Do You Know Your Retention Rate?

March 30th, 2015

thumbsupiconWe work with numerous clubs and coaches to help them develop an effective marketing plan and there are some basics that everyone should have in place to enable them to effectively monitor whether what they are doing works.

The most important of these is calculating and monitoring your retention rate, a key measure of how good are you are keeping your members/customers.

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Time to Check Your Self-Employed Coaches Are TRULY Self-employed

March 23rd, 2015

thumbsupiconThis is the time of year that most clubs start to plan their summer programme of coaching and club activities and it is therefore a perfect time to ensure that any self-employed coaches you use in delivering your programme are truly self-employed, i.e. they would pass scrutiny by HMRC (tax authorities) should they decide to investigate.

There are three ways that a club can work with a self-employed coach to ensure they would pass inspection by HMRC.    Each will require a contract of services to be in place between the club and the coach outlining the actual working arrangements.

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Honorarium Payments to Committee ARE Taxable

March 16th, 2015

warningiconYet another sports clubs was officially informed this week that honorarium payments to committee members ARE taxable payments and therefore subject to tax and national insurance.

The club have been paying an annual £1,500 payment to the Secretary and Treasurer for the past three years and were informed of the taxable nature of the payments by letter last week, following a tax investigation by HMRC (tax authorities).

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Looking for Royalty-Free Images?

March 12th, 2015

tipiconImages are a vital part of any publication, whether it be in print or online, as they can add to the content and also break up long bulks of text.

However, it can be difficult knowing whether you are allowed to use a particular image or not, as many will be protected by copyright and if you use one that is, you could be sent a bill by the owner of the image for royalty payments.

In this post we will show you 4 great sources for images that you can legally use.

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Our Coach Never Substitutes – Is this a Problem?

March 12th, 2015

questioniconWe regularly visit clubs where they are relying on substitution as the way in which their coach is truly self-employed with them, but where the coach has never actually substituted.

It is important to note that a coach who has never actually substituted may not actually pass HMRC scrutiny for self-employment status – HMRC would expect to see evidence that the coach HAS substituted in the past and that subsequent payment to the substitute coach was made by the coach and not the client (club).

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What is the Best Way to Get Members Involved with our Club Online?

March 12th, 2015

questioniconWe are often asked by clubs and sports agencies as to what is the best way for them to get their members/partners more involved with the organisation and how best to keep them informed as to upcoming events.

A Facebook group page provides the perfect (FREE) platform to achieve this and is a great way to enhance a ‘sense of belonging’.     A group page can also be restricted to invitation only and can even be made secret, particularly useful if considering a group for juniors.

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Clubs Not Aware of Potential VAT Obligations

March 9th, 2015

warningiconA leading club administrator working for an NGB has expressed concerns that clubs in sport are unaware that they are required to register for VAT if relevant income exceeds the VAT threshold limit.

The administrator, who does not wish to be identified to ensure her sport is not subject to additional scrutiny, told us that she had visited three clubs in recent weeks who should have been registered for VAT because their ‘taxable income’ was over the current VAT threshold limit of £82,000 (as at April 2015).

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Top 5 WordPress Tips & Hints for Beginners

March 9th, 2015

tipiconWordPress is a great tool for designing and updating your website. However, it can be a little daunting for beginners. There are thousands of design options and plugin extensions to choose from and the interface can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to find things.

Here are 5 top tips for WordPress beginners.

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Does a Coach have to do a Risk Assessment before Coaching?

March 5th, 2015

It is VERY good practice for a coach to confirm in writing that they have carried out a risk assessment before they start a coaching session.    It is also likely to be a requirement in terms of insurance to prove that ‘reasonable care’ was taken.

If the coach works/volunteers for an organisation, it is the responsibility of the organisation to document what the risk assessment should include and then send this in writing to the coach to action.     The coach will not need to tick each item on the list – it will be sufficient to have a checkbox on the register that the coach ticks to confirm the checks were completed.

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Can a Volunteer be Reimbursed for Travel between Home and Club?

March 3rd, 2015

questioniconVolunteers CAN be reimbursed for travel between their home and the club they are volunteering at, unlike employees or self-employed workers who cannot claim for travel between home and their ‘principal place of work’.

It is important to ensure that reimbursement is only given when the volunteer completes a claim form and lists the mileage being claimed for by journey, i.e. from postcode, to postcode, reason for travel, number of miles, and the mileage rate agreed.

You do not need petrol receipts for reimbursing such mileage (you only need petrol receipts if the club is VAT registered, in which case, the club may be able to claim some of the VAT paid by the volunteer).

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